Retail Profit

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Upon becoming a Distributor, you purchase product directly from the Company at a 15% discount. In addition, when your retail clients order product via your Company-linked personal website, the Company pays you a profit of 15% of the retail price. When your personal and retail volume equals 2 case credits within any 2-consecutive calendar month period, you become wholesale qualified, and your personal discount and retail profit both increase permanently to 30% of the retail price.

Get your company linked personal website

After becoming an authorized distributor you can create your own online retail store and by using your authorized unique identity number. 

For example, the below are my personal websites that are offered by the company
My online retail store for skin care products
My online retail store for health drinks
My online retail store for Weight management products
My online retail store for personal care product
My online retail store for cosmetics products 

My personal website:

For online retail store click here
For click here