Personal Bonus


You can increase your earnings by qualifying for higher positions in the marketing plan: Assistant Supervisor; Supervisor; Assistant Manager; and Manager. To help you advance, the case credits of your marketing groups are combined with your personal case credits, and when you accumulate the required case credits for a position, you are automatically moved up. Case credits for position move-up are accumulated during the current and previous calendar months. One of the great advantages of our marketing plan is that once you qualify for any level, you can never revert to a lower level; you never need to worry about maintaining volume in order to maintain your level.
  You qualify for the level of Assistant Supervisor when you and your group accumulate 2 case credits within any two consecutive month period. For example, if you and your downline Distributors generated 1 case credit in January and another case credit in February, you would be promoted to Assistant Supervisor. Of course, you don’t have to wait for two months; you can generate the necessary case credits in one month, or in one day for that matter. In fact, we encourage our Distributors to get started with a Touch of Forever Combo Pak, which carries a value of 2 case credits. By purchasing a Combo you become wholesale qualified, and you would have the volume necessary to move up to the Assistant Supervisor level. In addition, the Pak is discounted to less than the total wholesale cost of the individual items they contain, so it makes a more economical way to start your business!
  As an Assistant Supervisor, you receive a bonus on all your personal activity after you moved up. This is called a personal bonus, and is equal to 5% of the suggested retail price of your personal activity as reflected by the orders you place in your own name and the orders placed online by your retail customers. One of the great advantages of the FLP plan is that all bonuses are based on the suggested retail price.
  As you teach the distributors in your network to do as you have done, they will sponsor new distributors and your network grows. When you and your group accumulate 25 cc in two consecutive months (or less), you are automatically advanced to the level of Supervisor, and you receive an 8% bonus on all your personal and retail volume generated thereafter.
  The duplication process you started naturally repeats itself; your network grows and the volume increases, and when your group generates 75 cc within a two consecutive month period, you advance to the position of Assistant Manager. Your bonus on your personal and retail volume increases to 13%.
  The growth of your Distributor network continues to increase, and when the volume accumulates to 120 cc within 2 consecutive months, you become a Manager and start earning an 18% bonus on your personal and retail volume.