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The Simple idea can take your flp business to new height.

Get the idea how to make more than Rs.3,00,000/- every month with securing your future

You can add people to our group gift 4 you. there we are posting lot of information regarding our products and opportunity. if any one of your added friend will be interested through our information you can sponsor them. and when they will do business with flp you will get various profits on their turn over. 

So you can calculate your profit here.

if each one of us will add 50 people then see how much people will be added to this group?

if you will add 50 people,
Your 50 added friends will add 50*50= 2500 people

these 2500 people can add 50 each, then the total will be
2500*50= 125,000 people

just think if these 125,000 people will do at least 1000 /- worth of turn over every month, then your monthly turn over will be 125,000* Rs.1000/- = 125,00,000

as per the company bonus structure if you will get at least 3% of the above turn over then your monthly income will be 
3% of 125,00,000/- =Rs.3,75,000/-

but did u know flp,s hight pay out is 70% on mrp. just think when u get only 3% then your monthly income will be 3,75,000/- but when you will be eligible for 70% how much you can earn?

There is no limit in income at flp... today people from mumbai are making 9 to 15 lacks every month in flp. 

we for this we need man power, if you can co-operate with us , we can make it successful for you as well as for us.

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