In today’s competitive and fast paced world the term “Health” is gaining back its significance. We have often 
neglected the age old saying – “Health is the Best Wealth”, but today the world and in particular, India is rising 
to the concept of “Health and Wellness Industry”. It’s all about being at the right place at the right time! Every 
industry had its boom. Some of them are still going strong while some have faded away gradually, whilst some 
are not in a position to keep pace with the ever changing demands and needs of society. 
We are fortunate enough to be standing at the very beginning of the next trillion dollar industry. The health and 
wellness industry which will impact almost every aspect of our lives within the next 10 years, but it is also as 
unknown as the automobile industry was in 1908 or the personal computer was in 1981. By now this industry has 
turned into a $200 Billion industry and if you are reading this book, you have already given yourself the opportunity 
to be part of this ever growing industry and allowing yourself to ride the wellness boom tide!
Going back a little in history and following the patterns of the booming industries over the last few decades you 
will find the Plastic industry gaining significance in the 1960’s, followed by the Oil industry in the 1970’s. These
two eras were the pre–technology eras. The industry in totality was expected to witness a further change over the 
next two decades.
Computers made their significance in the 1980’s with software Company giants like Microsoft and others making 
their presence felt. This era also saw the emergence of Indian IT companies like Infosys & Tata Consultancy 
Services. Majority of the industries during this period switched over their functions and operations from “Manual 
to Technology – Computers” thereby reducing their manpower cost. Then the 1990’s saw the emergence of the 
Internet, which made the whole world a small unit. Information was available at your fingertips. 
All the above had their own ill effects on the health of individuals as there was constant competition in every 
aspect of the business thus the stress levels rose…….
So what was next? 
TODAY, in this new millennium it is the Health, Nutrition and Beauty Care Industry that has gained recognition
and significance. This is an industry which cannot have a shelf life as it promotes the general well being of an 
individual. Everyone wants to be healthy, fit and look beautiful. So if “You” are one among them, then ‘You” are in
the Right Place at the Right Time !
FLP offers you a range of products related to Personal Care, Weight Management, Skin & Beauty Care, Animal 
Care and of course Health & Nutrition and uses “Aloe Vera” as the main ingredient in the products. FLP also 
provides an opportunity for you to be healthy and at the same time wealthy.