If you are a member of our group and not joined flp till now, you can join flp. To join flp you must be introduced or sponsored by some one who is already involved in flp.
  • find out your sponsor from our group members list here......... and contact the person. 
  • If you are belongs to the same city where your sponsor belongs too, you must need his/her signature at the time of joining.
  • If your sponsor is belongs to other city or country, you no need any signature in your application form. You can join flp simply referring their id and account detail.
  • Do not forget to collect your sponsor's ID number, if you want to join flp.
  • flp has its local offices in all over world. and you can join any where in the globe.
  • Once you joined flp and got your unique ID number you can also add friends to our group, and sponsor them to flp.
  • Do not contact other sponsor from our group list. Only contact the sponsor who added you to our group. We already mentioned your sponsor name in our group list.