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Of course, the European Rally is known to be a momentous occasion, largely because of its ability to bring together thousands of Distributors from across the European continent. But what we forget about the Rally event is that it is in actual fact a global phenomenon.

At the Super Rally in Denver this year, we discovered that through the 2010 Profit Share incentive scheme, over $16 million was given away collectively at the Forever Rally events. This is a staggering amount of money, revealing the immense generosity of the Company as well as its power to change people’s lives for the better.  

Forever holds Rallies in Africa, North America, Latin America, Europe, and, for the very first time in 2011, Asia. Despite the event taking place in different continents, it means the same thing to many people, and that is 'opportunity':

The 2010 African Rally was an eye-opener which afforded everyone the opportunity to receive the excellent trainings given by top distributors from Africa and the UK. It gave all of us the opportunity to see the very big picture of Forever. The Profit Sharing figures made tremendous impact on many distributors and guests, such that most people resolved to return to their base with renewed energy, to work harder and also qualify for the annual reward. The entire event became a forum for making international friendships and a melting pot for the top distributors from Africa and beyond.’ 

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Jaybe Leach
1/2/2011 07:34:08 pm

In the mountains in Austria - picture postcard scenery - want to wish each and everyone of my friends a happy, healthy, successful and fulfilling year in 2011. Take time to look at your goals and ask yourself if you are really really prepared to work hard for them.... If you are, then fly high and enjoy the journey - learn from all experiences - live your dreams

Kim Madsen
1/2/2011 07:35:30 pm

By the way, i just finished a tough but good Profitsharing level 3, 9th year in the row as the only one in the FLP, 33 year history, out of 10 mill distributors , thanks to the best team in the world and my 6, 1st line PS qualifyers, Vainomekkis, Stig Arne Hansen, Anette Hausman, Ronny Kvist, Bodil Jørgensen and Astrid Sangild , thanks to all of you and congratiolations to you and your team qualifyers aswel

2/21/2011 04:17:29 pm

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2/22/2011 01:56:25 pm

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2/25/2011 04:14:31 pm

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